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K.U.M. • 3 Pack

K.U.M. • 3 Pack
K.U.M. • 3 Pack
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K.U.M. • 3 Pack
K.U.M. • 3 Pack
K.U.M. • 3 Pack

Good things K.U.M. in threes

Want it thick and creamy?  Want it silky smooth?  Want it super slick?  Then K.U.M. and get it!  

K.U.M. is a hybrid lube, combining the finest quality silicone ingredients with a water based formula.

K.U.M. Clear is a  thick, long lasting moisturising gel, formulated for skin conditioning and lubrication.

K.U.M. Numbing is a thick, long lasting moisturising gel that has a numbing effect so you can play for longer, and explore deeper and wider.

K.U.M. is safe to use with all toys, and is completely condom friendly.  Free from parabens, free from preservatives.  All things K.U.M. to he who waits.

Here K.U.M.'s trouble

  • 3 x 250ml pump action bottles
  • hybrid, water based & numbing lubricants
  • thick & creamy
  • silky smooth
  • super slick
  • parabens & preservative free

  • latex condom safe

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