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Lubricant Delivery DevicePuts lube between the cheeks, not on the sheetsLUBE SHOOTER can be used with any type or consistency of personal lubricant, from water-based liquids to hard to handle creams.  LUBE SHOOTER comes in 3 colours so why not colour code your lubes by type or by their destination f..
Product Code: SSS
Pull back the plunger and the syringe will fill with liquid, then insert and deliver.  The 100cc enema syringe is made in polished stainless steel and comes with 2 interchangeable nozzles; a bulbous tip or a catheter tip.stainless steel100cc capacity2 nozzlessplash shield..
Product Code: FLS
Perfect for mixing your powder lubeThe FIST LUBE SHAKER is the perfect container to mix up your powder lube.  With the lid on, you can shake it as hard as you like, and it's guaranteed 100% leak proof.  Made from high quality raw materials complient with food content regulations and certified by ind..
Fist Lube Powder + Shaker Fist Lube Powder + Shaker
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Product Code: FLPS
Fist Lube Powder • 100gJUST ADD WATERFIST LUBE POWDER is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water and becomes a very effective, slick lubricant.  You decide how thick you want it, simply add water and agitate until mixed.  On average, one tub of FIST LUBE POWDER will make 10 litres of lu..
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