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Product Code: PISG
Black rubber piss gag with solid O-gag.  The 45mm diameter thick rubber tube extends 30mm into the mouth and is held in place with latex straps.  Internal diameter of tube 32mm.The piss gag locks the mouth wide open, it's up to you what you force inside!rubber piss gagsolid 45mm diameter tubeextends..
Product Code: INFG
Pump it to the limit.This rubber inflatable gag is held in place by adjustable rubber straps.  Manufactured from a thick durable latex, the gag can easily be pumped up to double its volume, yet it still leaves the tube open in the mouth.  Add a funnel to the end of the tube and he'll have no choice ..
Product Code: BALG
The soft black rubber ball makes it comfortable to wear, yet effective too.  Held in place with an adjustable latex strap, you won't completely silence him, but the volume will certainly be reduced!  Ball diameter 50mm.rubber ball gagsoft balladjustable strapball diameter 50mm..
Product Code: DDG
The double dildo gag can be a lot of fun.  Wearing the gag, you've got a 60mm cock held firmly in your mouth by the adjustable latex straps.  And rigidly attached to the outside of the gag is a second 150mm (6 inch) cock.  So hands-free, let the play begin!  Both dildos are moulded from black latex ..
Product Code: RODG
Solid hard rubber rod can be held tightly in place with adjustable leather staps.  Give him something to bite on when it becomes necessary!  FIST branded strapsolid hard rubber rod150mm (6 inch) rodleather adjustable strapsFIST branded..
Product Code: BITG
Bit: placed in the mouth to assist the rider in communicating with the animal.Solid hard rubber 150mm (6 inch) bit attached by 2 D-rings to adjustable leather staps.  Give him something to bite on when it becomes necessary!  FIST branded strap.solid hard rubber bit150mm (6 inch) bitleather adjustabl..
Product Code: COCG
Solid 50mm long cock gag on a leather pad with D-rings connecting to adjustable leather straps.  Buckle it up tight and enjoy the silence.  Made from premium leather, and fist branded.solid cock gagpremium leather strapadjustable strapFIST branded..
Product Code: MUZZ
Muzzle: device placed over the snout of an animal to keep it from biting or otherwise opening its mouth.This leather muzzle is perfect for puppy play, and really comfortable to wear for long sessions.  Made from soft premium leather, the contoured muzzle fits snuggly around the mouth and chin and is..
Jennings Gag Jennings Gag
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Product Code: JG
Open wide and get ready to receive.The jennings gag is a medical masterpiece, used by dentists to keep the patients mouth wide open.  The stainless steel arms are designed to fit snugly around the face, the tabs resting against the front teeth, holding the mouth open.  Use the ratchet mechanism at t..
Product Code: SG
Open wide and get ready to receive.The spider gag will keep the mouth wide open.  It has a stainless steel ring with four curved spider legs that keep the gag firmly in place.   Attached to a leather strap that is fully adjustable to fit all head sizes.Now it's up to you what you force inside!holds ..
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