Rosebud Sounds Kit

Rosebud Sounds Kit

Set includes twelve bullet shaped sounds, presented in a protective case.  Each stainless steel rod is 12" (30cm) long and is tipped with a bullet shaped probe that ranges in diameter from 2mm up to 13mm.  Feel the stretch in both directions as you probe in and out.

Sound diameters

Sound No. 12mm                    Sound No. 78mm                                                                                                         
Sound No. 23mmSound No. 8
Sound No. 34mmSound No. 9
Sound No. 4
5mmSound No. 10
Sound No. 5
6mmSound No. 11
Sound No. 6
7mmSound No. 12

  • 12 piece set
  • stainless steel
  • bullet shaped probes
  • 12" (30cm) length
  • protective case

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