Out Of Stock Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel • 16oz

Elbow Grease H2O Thick Gel • 16oz

ELBOW GREASE • The one that started it all • The oldest sexual lube still on the market today!

ELBOW GREASE H2O GEL was introduced back in 1982.  The market demanded water based lubricants which could be used with condoms, and ELBOW GREASE created this wonderful thick and viscous gel lubricant.  The THICK GEL quickly became a favourite, and continues to be a best seller to this day.

  • 473ml / 16 fl oz pump
  • water-based lube
  • thick gel
  • safe
  • long-lasting
  • odourless
  • condom safe
​made in the USA

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