Out Of Stock Inflatable Truncheon • Solid

Inflatable Truncheon • Solid

Pump yourself up to the limit.

The inflatable truncheon is manufactured from a thick durable latex, and can easily be pumped up to double its volume.  The trucheon includes a solid foam inner core which allows for easier insertion.  So, before pumping up, you can use it like a regular toy, but when you want to stretch yourself further, just start pumping.  The hand pump features a quick release valve allowing for fast or gentle deflation.
Insert and inflate for an amazing sensation.

  • inflatable truncheon
  • solid foam inner core
  • thick durable black latex
  • doubles in volume
  • hand pump
  • quick release valve

  • phthalate free

Max. Diameter6cm
Max. Circumference19cm
minimum inflation measurements - inflates to double the volume
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