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Stretch Plug 'C'

Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'
Stretch Plug 'C'

16cm long and 7.5cm wide - get that incredible tight full feeling inside!

Stretch plugs are a set of 4 red butt plugs for stretching, training or just for fun!  Made of 100% premium silicone, each butt plug is silky smooth, strong and flexible with unique firm-flex design.  And each plug has a soft curved shape for ease of entry and a large base for hands-free solo play.

Start with stretch plug 'A' and work your way up through the alphabet to the enormous stretch plug 'D' increasing length, diameter and volume as you go.  Each plug gently increases length, bulb diameter and neck diameter, and all the effort pays off with the satisfaction of a great tight full feeling inside.  Designed to stretch hungry holes wide.

Odourless, non-toxic, easy to clean and compatible with all lubes.

A, B, C, D What's your letter?

  • 100% premium silicone butt plug
  • silky smooth, unique firm-flex
  • designed to stretch you wider & deeper
  • curved shape for ease of entry
  • large base for easy hands-free solo play

Designed for hungry holes

STRETCH PLUG'C'                                   
Total Length16cm
Bulb Length13cm
Maximum Diameter7.5cm
Maximum Circumference23.5cm
Neck Diameter5cm

Stretch plugs • the full set

Total Length13cm13cm16cm18cm
Bulb Length10.5cm11cm13cm14cm
Maximum Diameter5cm6.5cm7.5cm8cm
Maximum Circumference16cm20.5cm23.5cm25cm
Neck Diameter2.5cm3.5cm5cm5.5cm
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