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K Essential Pack

K Essential Pack
K Essential Pack
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K Essential Pack
K Essential Pack
K Essential Pack

 K Lube Powder • 200g

Long lasting non drying powder based lubricant hydrated with water

K LUBE POWDER is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water and is a very effective slick lubricant.  To make up, simply add water and agitate until mixed.  You only need about 2 teaspoons per 0.5 litre of water.  So a bottle of K LUBE POWDER will make approx. 20 litres of lube.
K LUBE POWDER is completely inert and non-irritating and contains special preservatives so that the finished product stays as fresh as the day you make it.

  • 200g bottle

  • quick & easy to mix
  • long lasting
  • easy clean with soap & water
  • makes approx. 20 litres
  • condom safe

K Crème • 400ml


Announcing K CRÈME, the newest member in the K range.  This oil-based crème is thick and creamy with a light smooth texture.  Delicate enough to enhance sensation, yet robust enough to remain in place.  Great for all types of play, K CRÈME will stay slick for the duration, and the more it's made to work, the better it gets!
Not compatible with latex condoms due to its oil base.  But can be used with polyurethane condoms.

  • 400ml tub
  • rich oil-based personal lubricant
  • smooth, creamy & long-lasting
  • stays slick for the duration
  • easy clean with soap & water
  • parabens free
  • not latex condom safe
made in the UK

K Aroma • 25ml

K matters - aromas and lubes

  • 25ml bottle
  • made in the UK

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