-10% Revenge Rings • 3 Ring Set

Revenge Rings • 3 Ring Set

Set of 3 metal rings • 40mm • 45mm • 50mm
Gain, maintain and enhance your erection.

Wearing the correct sized metal cock ring will give you a longer lasting, more powerful erection.  Additionally, it will enhance your bulge and show off your full package.  It's important to put the correct amount of pressure onto your cock, and with three rings to choose from you're guaranteed to find the perfect stimulation you require, no matter what your size.
The rings are 5mm thick and made in body safe nickel-free stainless steel and are perfectly round with no solder joint.

  • 3 ring set
  • 40mm • 45mm • 50mm
  • 5mm thick - no solder joint
  • nickel-free stainless steel

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