Large Inflatable Cyclone

Large Inflatable Cyclone

Pump yourself up to the limit.

The large inflatable cyclone is an inflatable with a difference.  The concertina shaft allows the deflated cyclone to compress to less than half its length as it is inserted.  But once you begin to inflate, the cyclone extends longer and longer, penetrating deeper and deeper.  And the cone shaped head is perfectly designed  for the stretch.  Manufactured from a thick durable latex, the large inflatable cyclone can easily be pumped up to double its volume.  The hand pump features a quick release valve allowing for fast or gentle deflation.
Insert and inflate for an amazing sensation.

  • large inflatable cyclone
  • ribbed concertina design
  • cone shaped head
  • thick durable black latex
  • doubles in volume
  • hand pump
  • quick release valve

  • phthalate free

Max. Diameter6.5cm
Max. Circumference20.5cm

minimum inflation measurements - inflates to double the volume

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