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Product Code: HDS
Set includes eight double ended Hegar sounds, presented in a protective case.  Each 8" (20cm) long stainless steel rod is round, slightly curved and has a conal tip at both ends.  The diameters of the eight rods range from 3mm up to 18mm - perfect for stretching. Rod diametersDilator No. 13mm,     4..
Product Code: RSK
Set includes twelve bullet shaped sounds, presented in a protective case.  Each stainless steel rod is 12" (30cm) long and is tipped with a bullet shaped probe that ranges in diameter from 2mm up to 13mm.  Feel the stretch in both directions as you probe in and out.Sound diametersSound No. 12mm     ..
Product Code: SSS
Pull back the plunger and the syringe will fill with liquid, then insert and deliver.  The 100cc enema syringe is made in polished stainless steel and comes with 2 interchangeable nozzles; a bulbous tip or a catheter tip.stainless steel100cc capacity2 nozzlessplash shield..
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