-60% Gun Oil Gel • 4oz

Gun Oil Gel • 4oz

Formulated specifically for use with all toys and for back-door exploration.

GUN OIL GEL is for all your bedroom equipment, or back-entry missions.  You'll be sure this concentrated, mess-free, non-drip formula keeps you in command and always keeps your lubricant on target.  Formulated especially for use with all toys, GUN OIL GEL is 100% water-based, and contains no silicone.  The ideal companion for field and body exploration or for approach from the rear.  You're sure to be capable during all vertical and horizontal landings.

  • 4oz bottle
  • water-based lubricant
  • hypoallergenic
  • fortified with special botanicals
  • safe for all toys
  • glycerin free, flavour-free & unscented
  • latex condom safe
​made in the USA

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