-30% Boy Butter H2O Tub • 8oz

Boy Butter H2O Tub • 8oz

You'll never know it isn't BOY BUTTER!
100% Latex Safe • 100% Water Based • 100% Made in USA

BOY BUTTER H2O is the world's first water-based cream personal lubricant formula ever!  Totally water based, with added vitamin E, shea butter and natural oils, it's latex condom safe, safe on all toys, and does not cause internal irritation for men or women.  The ingredients are mixed into a creamy texture eliminating the stickiness associated with most water-based lubricants, while lasting nearly as long as oil based formulas.  BOY BUTTER H2O is non-staining, and eventually will absorb into the skin.  It can even be used as a moisturiser or lotion.

  • 8oz tub
  • water-based cream lubricant
  • vitamin E, shea butter, natural oils
  • long lasting
  • hypoallergenic & toy safe
  • non-staining
  • washes off with water
  • latex condom safe
​made in the USA

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