-10% Blue Zeus • 3 x Liquid Shot

Blue Zeus • 3 x Liquid Shot

Maintain sexual stamina
3 x 25ml liquid shot

The Blue Zeus liquid formulation has been developed as an alternative to tablets.  And being a liquid it is absorbed into the body quicker than a tablet and is effective in less than 20 minutes.  The Blue Zeus formulation helps men fulfil natural vigour and experince maximum sexual performance.  The Blue Zeus liquid shot can be taken by itself with a great sweet berry flavour or try it mixed with another drink.
A unique and tested herbal extract combination of Ginkgo Biloba, Maca and Korean Ginseng.

  • 3 X 25ml liquid shot

  • maintain sexual stamina
  • maintain erectile function
  • enhanced blood flow
  • enlivened energy levels
  • acts in less than 20 minutes (quicker than the tablets)
  • take by itself or mix with another drink
  • sweet berry flavour
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