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Lube Shooter • Black

Lube Shooter • Black
Lube Shooter • Black
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Lube Shooter • Black
Lube Shooter • Black
Lube Shooter • Black

Lubricant Delivery Device
Puts lube between the cheeks, not on the sheets

LUBE SHOOTER can be used with any type or consistency of personal lubricant, from water-based liquids to hard to handle creams.  LUBE SHOOTER comes in 3 colours so why not colour code your lubes by type or by their destination for safer more sanitary play.
To fill it, either pull out the plunger completely and pour lubricant into the barrel straight from the bottle - or if your lube comes in a tub, dunk the entire assembly in the container and pull up the plunger to fill. (Don't double-dip - make sure to use a clean barrel each time!)  The hypodermic-style construction guarantees that you won't spill a drop on your partner or on your sheets till you press down the plunger.
Gently insert the filled LUBE SHOOTER into your favourite place and slowly depress the plunger to dispense lube into your target area without spilling a drop!

  • lube shooter black
  • 3 disposable plastic applicator tips
  • 1 plunger
  • refillable applicators
  • compatible with all lubes, gels & creams

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