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Leather Jock • Red Stripe

Leather Jock • Red Stripe

It's a more baring and daring version of the handkerchief in the back pocket!  The colour-coded jockstrap takes the guesswork out of advertising your proclivities while showing off that backside you worked so hard to sculpt.
This high-quality leather jock is made from thick garment leather which is soft, yet sturdy, and has the classic styling of a traditional cotton athletic jock.  A deep 3 inch wide waist band and tailored pouch are attached to leg straps that keep the jock both snug and comfortable.  Comes in either ALL BLACK, or with a band of RED, BLUE or YELLOW running down the centre of the pouch in a vibrantly hued coloured leather.

  • black / red band
  • thick / soft garment leather
  • deep 3 inch waist
  • tailored pouch

WAIST (inches)    30 - 32    33 - 35    36 - 38    39 - 41
WAIST (cm)    76 - 81    84 - 89    91 - 97    99 - 104

  • Product Code: LJR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £30.00

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